00:00Mauricio Herrera
UTCPablo Cesar Cano
Over 9½ rounds
Under 9½ rounds
00:00Cesar Miguel Barrionuevo
UTCElias Leandro Vallejos
Over 8½ rounds
Under 8½ rounds
00:00Breidis Prescott
UTCDmitry Mikhaylenko
Over 8½ rounds
Under 8½ rounds
00:00Paddy Gallagher
UTCTamuka Mucha
Over 8½ rounds
Under 8½ rounds
00:00Conrad Cummings
UTCRonny Mittag
Over 9½ rounds
Under 9½ rounds
00:00Eduard Gutknecht
UTCGeorge Groves
Over 9½ rounds
Under 9½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Gutknecht wins by decision
Any other result
Groves wins by decision
Any other result
Fight is a draw
Any other result
Gutknecht wins inside distance
Not Gutknecht inside distance
Groves wins inside distance
Not Groves inside distance
21:00Andrew Selby
UTCJake Bornea
Over 8½ rounds
Under 8½ rounds
21:00Diego Gabriel Chaves
UTCLuis Pablo Zarate
Over 6½ rounds
Under 6½ rounds
Over 8½ rounds
Under 8½ rounds
22:00Daniel Roman
UTCVictor Proa
01:00Christopher Diaz
UTCFernando Vargas
01:00Matt Korobov
UTCScott Sigmon
00:00Mauricio Herrera-270
UTCPablo Cesar Cano+210
Over 9½ rounds-270
Under 9½ rounds+210
00:00Cesar Miguel Barrionuevo-3050
UTCElias Leandro Vallejos+1400
Over 8½ rounds-160
Under 8½ rounds+130
00:00Breidis Prescott+400
UTCDmitry Mikhaylenko-550
Over 8½ rounds-205
Under 8½ rounds+165
00:00Paddy Gallagher+170
UTCTamuka Mucha-215
Over 8½ rounds-245
Under 8½ rounds+185
00:00Conrad Cummings-500
UTCRonny Mittag+400
Over 9½ rounds-225
Under 9½ rounds+175
00:00Eduard Gutknecht+1100
UTCGeorge Groves-1700
Over 9½ rounds-205
Under 9½ rounds+165
Fight goes to decision-130
Fight doesn't go to decision+100
Gutknecht wins by decision+1900
Any other result-4750
Groves wins by decision-150
Any other result+110
Fight is a draw+3500
Any other result-6000
Gutknecht wins inside distance+1550
Not Gutknecht inside distance-3875
Groves wins inside distance+118
Not Groves inside distance-148
21:00Andrew Selby-7000
UTCJake Bornea+3000
Over 8½ rounds-185
Under 8½ rounds+155
21:00Diego Gabriel Chaves-5000
UTCLuis Pablo Zarate+2000
Over 6½ rounds-115
Under 6½ rounds-115
Over 8½ rounds-105
Under 8½ rounds-135
22:00Daniel Roman-5000  
UTCVictor Proa+2500  
01:00Christopher Diaz-2250  
UTCFernando Vargas+1200  
01:00Matt Korobov-4250  
UTCScott Sigmon+1700  
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