19:00Emmanuel Medina
UTCPeter Dobson
Over 5½ rounds
Under 5½ rounds
21:00Julian Rodarte
UTCMiguel Angel Perez Aispuro
Over 5½ rounds
Under 5½ rounds
21:00Lucas Santamaria
UTCMarquis Taylor
Over 5½ rounds
Under 5½ rounds
21:00Jose Cayetano
UTCLeduan Barthelemy
Over 5½ rounds
Under 5½ rounds
22:00Jesus Antonio Perez Campos
UTCRyan Karl
Over 5½ rounds
Under 5½ rounds
22:00Alberto Mercado
UTCChris Colbert
Over 7½ rounds
Under 7½ rounds
01:00Jermell Charlo
UTCJorge Cota
Over 4½ rounds
Under 4½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Charlo wins by decision
Any other result
Cota wins by decision
Any other result
Fight is a draw
Any other result
Charlo wins inside distance
Not Charlo inside distance
Cota wins inside distance
Not Cota inside distance
01:00Guillermo Rigondeaux
UTCJulio Ceja
Over 5½ rounds
Under 5½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Rigondeaux wins by decision
Any other result
Ceja wins by decision
Any other result
Fight is a draw
Any other result
Rigondeaux wins inside distance
Not Rigondeaux inside distance
Ceja wins inside distance
Not Ceja inside distance
01:00Jermell Charlo
UTCTony Harrison
Fight is a draw
Any other result
5DimesWilliam H.Bet365BovadaBookMakerBetDSIIntertopsSportBetPinnacleSportsInt.BetOnlineSportsbookProps
19:00Emmanuel Medina-170-152-170-166-135
UTCPeter Dobson+140+120+140+144+115
Over 5½ rounds-370-370
Under 5½ rounds+280+280
21:00Julian Rodarte-1100-3333-2500-1600-1028-1500
UTCMiguel Angel Perez Aispuro+620+1000+1000+800+692+800
Over 5½ rounds-275-275
Under 5½ rounds+215+215
21:00Lucas Santamaria+675+600+550+650+759+800
UTCMarquis Taylor-1235-1250-1000-1100-1151-1500
Over 5½ rounds-610-610
Under 5½ rounds+425+425
21:00Jose Cayetano+500+400+400+450+1150+545+700
UTCLeduan Barthelemy-800-714-625-700-3400-755-1250
Over 5½ rounds-425-425
Under 5½ rounds+320+320
22:00Jesus Antonio Perez Campos+330+400+400+350+348+379
UTCRyan Karl-450-588-625-500-432-474
Over 5½ rounds-205-205
Under 5½ rounds+165+165
22:00Alberto Mercado+900+500+700+650+775+971+775
UTCChris Colbert-1375-833-1429-1100-1578-1304-1225
Over 7½ rounds-590-590
Under 7½ rounds+420+420
01:00Jermell Charlo-4400-5000-5000-5000-4683-5000-4070-5009-4167-4762-5000
UTCJorge Cota+2200+1200+1400+1400+1542+2252+2530+2305+1000+1175+1300
Over 4½ rounds-120-120
Under 4½ rounds+100+100
Fight goes to decision+700+700
Fight doesn't go to decision-1300-1300
Charlo wins by decision+850+850
Any other result-1525-1525
Cota wins by decision+5500+5500
Any other result-17500-17500
Fight is a draw+10000+10000+3300
Any other result-19000-19000n/a
Charlo wins inside distance-1000-1000
Not Charlo inside distance+580+580
Cota wins inside distance+2700+2700
Not Cota inside distance-6750-6750
01:00Guillermo Rigondeaux-900-1667-1250-1200-1095-1111-2000-855-1109-1212-1000-1000
UTCJulio Ceja+600+700+600+700+621+698+600+645+725+589+700+625
Over 5½ rounds-220-193-220-220
Under 5½ rounds+180+152+170+180
Fight goes to decision+600+600
Fight doesn't go to decision-1050-1050
Rigondeaux wins by decision+1000+1000
Any other result-1750-1750
Ceja wins by decision+2000+2000
Any other result-5000-5000
Fight is a draw+5500+5500+2800
Any other result-10000-10000n/a
Rigondeaux wins inside distance-485-485
Not Rigondeaux inside distance+350+350
Ceja wins inside distance+725+725
Not Ceja inside distance-1340-1340
01:00Jermell Charlo-332-263-325-330
UTCTony Harrison+270+200+270+250
Fight is a draw+2000
Any other resultn/a
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