21:00Juan Carlos Reveco
UTCKomgrich Nantapech
Over 9½ rounds
Under 9½ rounds
00:00Dashon Johnson
UTCPeter Quillin
02:00Alan Campa
UTCCaleb Plant
Over 7½ rounds
Under 7½ rounds
02:00Abraham Han
UTCJleon Love
Over 9½ rounds
Under 9½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Han wins by decision
Any other result
Love wins by decision
Any other result
Fight is a draw
Any other result
Han wins inside distance
Not Han inside distance
Love wins inside distance
Not Love inside distance
03:00David Benavidez
UTCRonald Gavril
Over 8½ rounds
Under 8½ rounds
Fight goes to decision
Fight doesn't go to decision
Benavidez wins by decision
Any other result
Gavril wins by decision
Any other result
Fight is a draw
Any other result
Benavidez wins inside distance
Not Benavidez inside distance
Gavril wins inside distance
Not Gavril inside distance
5DimesWilliam H.Bet365BovadaBookMakerBetDSIIntertopsSportBetPinnacleSportsInt.BetOnlineSportsbookProps
21:00Juan Carlos Reveco-400-400-350-492-492-389-400-380
UTCKomgrich Nantapech+325+275+265+337+337+336+330+290
Over 9½ rounds-450-450
Under 9½ rounds+330+330
00:00Dashon Johnson+1350+1000+1000+1003+1003+1492 
UTCPeter Quillin-2300-3333-2500-2012-2012-2158 
02:00Alan Campa+600+667+675
UTCCaleb Plant-1050-983-1200
Over 7½ rounds-215-215
Under 7½ rounds+170+170
02:00Abraham Han+1150+700+800+900+900+1247+800
UTCJleon Love-1800-1667-1600-1400-1400-1703-1600
Over 9½ rounds-175-175
Under 9½ rounds+155+155
Fight goes to decision-120-120
Fight doesn't go to decision+100+100
Han wins by decision+1400+1400
Any other result-3600-3600
Love wins by decision+100+100
Any other result-140-140
Fight is a draw+2500+2500
Any other result-4000-4000
Han wins inside distance+1910+1910
Not Han inside distance-5730-5730
Love wins inside distance+105+105
Not Love inside distance-145-145
03:00David Benavidez-1900-2000-2500-1800-1800-1795-2591-2200-1800
UTCRonald Gavril+1200+800+1000+1036+1036+1305+800+1200+850
Over 8½ rounds+175+175
Under 8½ rounds-210-210
Fight goes to decision+350+350
Fight doesn't go to decision-530-530
Benavidez wins by decision+425+425
Any other result-675-675
Gavril wins by decision+2600+2600
Any other result-8200-8200
Fight is a draw+5500+5500+3300
Any other result-10000-10000n/a
Benavidez wins inside distance-425-425
Not Benavidez inside distance+305+305
Gavril wins inside distance+1625+1625
Not Gavril inside distance-4875-4875
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